Being a Self Employed Mum… Designing a Life I Love

Being a self employed mum is HARD WORK… but truly wonderful. I believe you get the best – and the worst – of being a stay at home mum and being a working mum. Did you catch my post last week about how I became a hair and makeup artist? You can read it here. This blog, is, I suppose, part two of that blog.

I had my first daughter in late 2017 and was on maternity leave from my job as a divorce solicitor for a year. I knew I would likely not go back. In fact, I was pregnant again when I gave notice that I wouldn’t return!

Being a stay at home mum is tough, especially with two under two! The washing, the cleaning (my cleaner is my saviour!) the constant tidying of toys… It is at once mindnumbingly dull and repetitive, and hugely rewarding. These little lives which we created and who I am shaping are just exquisite and make me smile everyday. Florence is HILARIOUS now she is chattering. I am so proud of her. Sebby is just incredibly cute. I’d forgotten how quickly they grow and change.

However, my biggest challenge as a self employed mum is TIME! I grew my business knowing that I would be working around my children and it – generally – works incredibly well. However, I have to be very disciplined. Being self employed is flexible and I choose my hours (naptimes and after bedtimes) but it does mean that the responsibility is all on me too. However, I now get to do two jobs that I LOVE – looking after my brides and their families and being Mummy at home!