Bridal Skincare Tips: What should I do the day before my wedding?

Ooooooh! Your big day is sooo close now! Here are my bridal skincare tips for the day before your wedding…

Make sure you keep up your hydration. You will be running around like a headless chicken so make sure you keep a bottle of water/squash to hand to make sure that you are drinking enough.

Similarly, enjoy a couple of glasses of fizz, but don’t go crazy celebrating tomorrows festivities in advance. A wedding is a marathon, not a sprint and you don’t want to over do it tonight and spend tomorrow with a sore head.

Make sure you take some time for yourself today. Go and get your mani-pedi but don’t have waxing etc done where it will be visible, especially on your face. Same goes for facials – just in case! Take a few minutes to relax, breathe and feel grounded. Standard barefoot on the grass/earth/sand always helps me with this!

My brides always feel that their skin is especially bad just before their wedding. If you get a spot, LEAVE IT ALONE! I mean it, don’t touch! I can’t cover a swollen, weeping mess effectively, but I can easily cover a dry spot that has been left alone. Please trust me on this one!

Finally, get an early night, ideally in your own bed or somewhere familiar. You will sleep so much better and lets face it, tonight is the night when you won’t be able to sleep for being too excited! Don’t stress that you will look tired tomorrow – the adrenaline will kick in! Plus, I will be there to make you feel and look amazing!

Did you catch my skincare tips for the week before the wedding? You can read them here, and check back next week for my tips for the day of the wedding.