Bridal Skincare Tips: What should I do the day of my wedding?

Congratulations! You’re getting married today! Here are my bridal skincare tips for the day of your wedding.

First things first

Hopefully you will have had a decent night of sleep, but don’t worry if you haven’t. Thats what I am here for!

Start your morning with a large glass of water (and lemon if that floats your boat). Then do some stretching in the peace and quiet. Think about the day ahead. NOT the practicalities… How will it feel to spend the day in the company of your nearest and dearest, committing to your most special person. Get grounded and centred! Some of my brides go for a run or walk in the fresh air. One even went horse riding and had some fabulous images of her (and her beloved horse) in bridal fancy dress!

Allow yourself one cup of something caffeinated – even if you’re used to more. The adrenaline will be flowing and you don’t want to get the jitters or shakes!

Have a lovely shower or bath – whichever you prefer! I always ask my brides to wash their hair the morning of the wedding rather than the night before. It means hair is slightly damp and completely clean for styling.

Gather your girls and make sure you all eat something substantial (or as much as you can manage in all the excitement!). Protein will fill you up for longer than carbs. Once again, don’t peak too soon on the booze. It doesn’t mix well with all the adrenaline and can make you feel more drunk than usual.

Last thoughts…

Finally, give your skin a really good cleanse, tone and moisturise with your favourite products (you can find mine here). If you’ve been looking after it, you will have skin that is looking fabulous and that make up will sit beautifully on. If not, don’t panic, I know some tricks (wink!)

My last skincare tip is to have such an amazing day that you fall into bed feeling so happy and excited that you forget to take off your makeup! I never advocate sleeping in your makeup but this is the one day that I give permission for you to do it!

Happy wedding day, love Maxine xxx

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