Five Reasons to wear my False Lashes for your Wedding

One of the biggest decisions that my brides make is whether or not to wear false lashes for their wedding. (I know, first world problems!) It really can make your bridal makeup look and I alway encourage everyone to try them at their trial.

five reasons to wear false lashes for your wedding

1. Tailored to you

I use individual false lashes to tailor a bespoke lash for each particular client. Full on glam, just bounced out of bed, naturally glamorous… we can create exactly the look you want by placing each lash cluster with precision to show off those beautiful eyes. I use eyeliner and the false lashes to perfect your eye shape so that you look like yourself – just even more beautiful!


2. Comfort

We are not talking about uncomfortable strip lashes which pull and you can feel on your eyelid here. These babies are so comfortable. Because they are applied with a tiny bit of lash glue, your eyelid can stretch and move as you look around, so you just can’t feel them! As your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint, that is a huge bonus.


3. Look natural

Its the biggest compliment when my brides tell me that their fiancĂ©/e didn’t notice their lashes after their trial! That means we achieved the perfect balance of looking natural and glamorous at the same time!


4. No ‘fake lash’ look

Often brides come to the trial and tell me that they don’t want lashes because their fiancĂ©/e won’t like them as they will be really obvious and tacky! Not my lashes, darling! I very rarely use anything longer than a medium length lash as after that, they do start to look fake. I also apply mascara in such a way that you don’t look like you’re wearing loads.


5. Longevity

The lashes won’t budge all day long. They are happy tear proof (dab, don’t wipe!) and are not going anywhere. Clients have told me that they have lasted a few days, but I usually say that they will last a couple of days if you are very careful with them. I think that they are a really good compromise between semi permanent lashes (which can look quite spidery) and too much mascara.

five reasons to wear false lashes for your wedding

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