How to choose a Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist for your Wedding

So you have decided you’d like to book a Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist for your Wedding… (perhaps you read my blog last week!) but how on earth do you choose one?! There are so many profiles and websites and directories! Where do you start!

How to you want to look and feel?

I imagine that you probably have a good idea of how you hope to look and feel on your wedding day. My best tip is to find a hair and makeup artist for your wedding whose portfolio is full of women who look like you want to. By this, I mean that if you’re looking for a highly contoured Kardashian style look, someone who specialises in naturally glamorous bridal hair and makeup (like me!) might not create the look in the way that you expect. Similarly, as my favourite hairstyle is a sleek Hollywood wave, my colleagues who specialise in messy boho updos won’t necessarily create this technical style in the same way. When you find a bridal hair and makeup artist whose work you’re constantly liking on social media, they are the one to book! This is how we want you to feel when you look in the mirror!

Maxine Wilson How to choose a bridal hair and makeup artist for your wedding


Once you have found someone, or perhaps a few people, whose work you love, there are a few, more practical, considerations. Firstly, budget! Everyone assigns their own wedding budget in their own way, and that is ok! But what if the hair and makeup artist you love is outside your budget? Personally, I think it’s worth considering whether you can juggle things around. Your hair and makeup will be a huge part of the day. You will be in every photo and every frame of your video!

Maxine Wilson How to choose a bridal hair and makeup artist for your wedding


Secondly, geography. Not every bridal hair and makeup artist is willing or indeed able to travel regionally, nationally or internationally to attend to brides and their parties. Whilst I personally love to travel, this does come at an additional cost to the client where I need to stay close to their venue to accommodate an early start. This is always discussed with the client at the booking stage so that there are no unexpected costs. For some clients, however, it is sadly a deal breaker – damn geography!

Maxine Wilson How to choose a bridal hair and makeup artist for your wedding


A hair and makeup artist will need to work in your personal space. You need to be comfortable with them! Do their more personal social media posts call out to you? Is there anything which makes you feel uncomfortable? Many clients tell me that they love that I’m not a super glam bridal hair and makeup artist so they don’t find me intimidating! I take this as a great compliment!


Finally, availability of your chosen hair and makeup artist. I am regularly booked 12 months in advance and increasingly up to 24 months ahead of client’s wedding days. Its so sad when I have to turn work away weeks in advance of a lovely bride’s big day. I only take on a limited number of weddings each month, though I always try and squeeze bride’s in! If you find someone you love, get them booked in ASAP. The same goes for all wedding suppliers. The popular ones get booked up!

Maxine Wilson How to choose a bridal hair and makeup artist for your wedding

A final word…

Trust your gut – if something doesn’t feel right (price, the looks they showcase, anything) don’t book the artist. I have lost track of the number of brides who contact me each year at short notice having had a trial with someone else and having been disappointed. Most bridal hair and makeup artists will be happy to have a chat with you by phone or FaceTime to get to know you and learn about the wedding you’re having and put your mind at rest.