How to Choose your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a massive part of so many weddings. It makes sense to invest time and effort into choosing your wedding flowers. But with so much pretty to choose from, and as they are often a significant part of your wedding budget, where do you actually start?!

Having a florist to guide you through all the different varieties of wedding flowers, when they are in season, and how to make the best of your budget, can be really helpful when planning your wedding.

Florists will source, buy and collect your wedding flowers – often at an ungodly hour from the flower markets and usually at the most competitive price that they can. Then they can spend hours painstakingly conditioning your wedding flowers. This includes ensuring that your blooms are open and at their most beautiful for your wedding day. And that is before they cut stems, wire flowers, make bouquets and buttonholes, put together the various arrangements you need, some of which will need to be done on the morning of the wedding itself to ensure that they look as good as possible. Flower crowns, flower wands. They all take substantial amounts of time and skill to prepare and put together.

Then the florist will deliver them to you on the morning of the wedding. They often making multiple drops in their van/s to accommodate the venue and the two places you’re both getting ready. Its a huge undertaking for them!


Brides are increasingly considering DIYing their wedding flowers on the basis that it will be cheaper. However, many massively underestimate the amount of time and effort involved in this and can spend the days before their wedding in flower hell rather than flower heaven! Unless you really know what you are doing, this is not something which I would recommend. I’ve seen too many brides in a complete panic on the morning of their wedding and not able to enjoy the preparations as a result. Having said that, there are some amazing flower farms around. They will often help you with the floristry of the bouquets and buttonholes if you’d like them to do so.

Who do you know?

Ask friends and family for recommendations (or read my next blog for my favourites!). Good wedding flowers always stand out in wedding day memories.

Make a shortlist…

Every time you get a recommendation or see someone whose work you like, put them on your shortlist and follow them on social media.

Whats your wedding flower style?

Now, sit down and critically evaluate the shortlist according to the type of wedding flowers you’d like. Some florists create beautiful traditional arrangements with gorgeous, timeless blooms. Others create blousy, loose, just thrown together arrangements – and everything in between! Who naturally gravitates towards your sort of flowers – colour, style, varieties?


Remember to be realistic about the time of year that you are marrying and the flowers that are likely to be available at that time. Whilst it is usually possible to get most varieties at most times of the year you will pay a FORTUNE for them when they are out of season. Peonies in particular have a relatively short growing season, whilst roses, some of which look remarkably like peonies, are available for most of the year. A good florist will be able to assist you with creating the look you want.

Get in touch!

Make contact with your favourite three (or so) and let them know what you’re looking for (and your budget). Share images with them of what you do and don’t like and trust in their artistic vision. Was with most things wedding supplier related, you will know when you’ve found ‘the one’!

Don’t forget to pop back next week to read my list of my favourite wedding florists! You can also read my blog about how to choose your wedding photographer here!