My expert tips for amazing wedding day skin featured on Love My Dress

I’m delighted to say that my expertise has been featured on Love My Dress once again! This time the article is about amazing wedding day skin…

“The lovely Maxine Wilson agrees with the need to hydrate and cleanse your skin properly morning and evening. She’d also like to remind you that when it comes to your skin, oil isn’t always a bad thing.

“Don’t be afraid to use oils or oil-based products on your skin. We all grew up drying out our teenage skin with products designed to remove oil, so we see it as a bad thing – it’s not! The natural oils our skin produces keeps it soft, supple and moisturised. Many brides tell me that their skin is very oily but actually, their skin is simply over producing oils to compensate for being dried out.”

“But don’t do anything different to your skin in the week before your wedding. That means no new products, no treatments that you haven’t had before and just keeping to your usual routine. I see too many brides who’ve broken out following a brow wax that they’ve not tried before or those who’ve reacted badly to a new product.”

“If you do get a spot – don’t touch it! Makeup artists can cover spots but red, weeping, swollen areas are much harder to conceal.”

You can read the full blog here