Seven Best Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury was (is) an amazing celebrity makeup artist, who has created her own makeup line including some of the best lipsticks on the market. I have soooo many of her products in my kit! Here is my guide to my seven best Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.

So from left to right…

Seven Best Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

Hot Emily

This bright warm coral colour is quite orange toned, but looks amazing on warm skinned redheads and blondes. It can also be gorgeous on brunettes with a red tone to their hair. It was inspired by Emily Ratajkowski.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Emily Lipstick, £24

The Duchess

I really love this perfect rose pink lipstick. It has great depth to it and looks fabulous on so many skin tones. I am actually beginning to prefer it to Pillow Talk for brides who want a more lipstick look than barely there makeup look!

Charlotte Tilbury The Duchess Lipstick, £24

Bitch Perfect

This is a creamy finish lipstick in a peachy nude shade. It is very similar to Velvet Teddy by Mac.

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick, £24

Sunset Lover

A peachy pink shade, looks amazing on warmer skin tones where it almost look slightly coral!

Charlotte Tilbury Sunset Lover Lipstick, £24

Amazing Grace

This is a gorgeous pink coral lipstick in a matte finish. It was inspired by Grace Kelly and looks incredible on warm skinned redheads and blondes. It is bright, but not too bright and a great choice for spring and autumn brides.

Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace Lipstick, £24


I really like this matte dark berry shade, but it is very dark. I use it most often to deepen other shades when I am custom blending for brides. However, it is FABULOUS on winter toned brides, especially those with fair skin and dark hair who wanted a lipstick with some punch!

Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry Lipstick, £24

And finally… the modern classic…

Pillow Talk

This is the matte shade which catapulted Tilbury’s makeup line into the big leagues. It is a cult classic and for good reason – it looks fabulous on (almost) everyone! Its an incredibly popular pink nude which is a firm favourite with my brides and their bridesmaids. Applied with the matching lip pencil, it has fabulous longevity. I find that it can look a little wrong on warmer skin tones, especially darker complexions, but if you want a shade for all your bridesmaids to wear, this would be a great choice.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick, £24

If you have a favourite Charlotte Tilbury shade, I’d love to hear about it! In the meantime, have a peek at my favourite highlighters here for more CT goodness.

Seven Best Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks