Three best reasons to book a ladies makeup lesson

Here are my top three reasons to book a ladies makeup lesson.

Learn to make up your face as it is now

As we age (yes, the A word, i said it!) our faces change. Our skin tone alters. Even our hair colour changes! That means that, one day, we might look in the mirror and think, ooh that’s not actually working for me any more! In a ladies makeup lesson  with me, I will show you how to apply makeup that suits the woman you are now, not the girl you once were. And that thing you’re worried about and hate now you’re getting older? I know tricks to hide them!

Update your kit

I always ask anyone coming for a ladies makeup lesson to bring their makeup and brushes so I can see what sort of products they are using. Oftentimes, I see navy eyeliner and mascara, blue shimmery eyeshadow and shimmery rose coloured lipsticks! These colours are all lovely, but can look rather dated… and can be very aging on some complexions too. I love showing you how to update your makeup bag and all the new, amazing products that are available now! Plus I can save you time and money by giving you a specific shopping list if products that we’ve tried out in our ladies makeup lesson.r

Bring the girls!

Why not make it a girls day out? Bring your ladies and have a fun day enjoying a pamper session when you get to go home and recreate the looks you have learned. I am able to show you all how to create similar looks but make sure that I show you how to tailor it to your own style and colouring.

Ready to bring your makeup look bang up to date? Get in touch to book a ladies makeup lesson here!

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