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One of the big questions I’m always asked as a makeup artist in Oxfordshire, is about the best skincare for my clients. This has been especially true at the moment as we are all at home! Head to the bottom of the page for my referral code!

I’ve not heard of Beauty Pie…

I am a massive fan of the brand Beauty Pie. For those who don’t know, Beauty Pie are essentially a subscription service but you get to choose your products. You select level of membership, pay a monthly subscription (e.g. I pay £5 per month for £50 worth of products)  You can then purchase products up to that value. I usually allow my subscription to run over month to month until I can buy a couple of hundred pounds worth of products in one go. They come in a gorgeous pink boxes and are beautifully wrapped so it feels like a really lovely treat.

Why Beauty Pie, oh Makeup Artist in Oxfordshire?

The first big selling point about Beauty Pie is that they only market incredibly high quality products with superb ingredients. However, they sell them at cost price. They make their profit from your subscription fees. 

The second is that they are hugely environmentally aware. From their packaging, both for transporting the products as well as the bottles et cetera themselves (they say lighter is writer!) and inks through to the fact that they do not test on animals. Also most of the range is vegan. I’m increasingly noticing as a makeup artist in Oxfordshire, that clients are more aware of their environmental footprint. Therefore, Beauty pie is a brand which I am proud to recommend and support.

So, I thought I would do a few blogs about some of my favourite products that I regularly use on clients and on myself as a makeup artist in Oxfordshire. You can read about some of the Beauty Pie makeup I use here and here.

Japanfusion recommended by Makeup Artist in Oxfordshire

My number one amongst their skincare products is the Japanfusion range. This range is all about adding moisture and helping the skins natural oil barrier without being heavy. The Japanese believe that the secret to really beautiful skin is maximising the moisture within it. Adding different layers of hydration means that your complexion will look more plumped and lifted as well as reflecting light better.

Makeup Artist in Oxfordshire Reviews Beauty Pie Skincare Japanfusion Range Maxine Wilson Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist

This range is a four step system, consisting of a cleanser, a preparation ( like a toner), followed by a treatment serum and what they call a supreme cream which is like a deep moisturiser.


The cleanser is completely delicious! It starts off as a gel which transforms to an oil once you apply it to your face and then to a milk once you add water to remove. It is extremely light on the skin and removes make up well.  As it is removed with a face cloth or muslin, it’s and has no foaming agents it is really lovely to use and doesn’t feel like it either overloads or strips out the skin whilst still cleaning is really well. 


Prep Lotion

The hydra prep lotion (like a toner if you’re old school) is incredibly soothing. I really notice, especially in the winter, that my skin can become quite dry and this always feels lovely and cooling on it. I find it really helps to balance out the oils in my face and clients always comment that it smells really nice! Beauty Pie call it a skin smoothing moisture excelerator and for me it definitely lives up to the hype of the ‘complexion destressing, Pombo yeast moisture fusion’ (yes really!).


The deep treatment serum is also incredibly light product. As it is a serum and becomes almost a liquid once applied to the warmth of your face, it’s simply sinks into the skin and is barely felt. In the summer I will quite often only use this one rather than the deep deep moisturising cream as well as sometimes I feel that my skin just does not need it in the daytime.  This plumping serum contains antioxidant vitamin C and grape polyphenols so your skin looks instantly energised and fresh.


Finally the supreme cream moisturiser finishes the lineup.  This deeply moisturising product is definitely one for you if you feel that your skin is dry it’s much heavier than the rest of the range and therefore for some clients I suggest it’s only used overnight when the skin rejuvenates and replenishes. I tend to use it in the daytime through the winter but sometimes especially in the height of summer I prefer a lighter moisturiser, and particular one that has SPF. Beauty Pie have responded this and recently brought out a light moisturiser to fill this gap in the range.

Makeup Artist in Oxfordshire Reviews Beauty Pie Skincare Japanfusion Range Maxine Wilson Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist

There is also a miracle sheet mask (I have one of these try and shall report back in a later blog) and a moisture mask within the Japanfusion range.

Here is the referral code!

If you fancy trying some of the Japanfusion range or other Beauty Pie products, you can add the code MAXINE_WILSON at checkout for an extra £50 spending budget for both of us. This is not a sponsored post – I just really like the range and thought you might too!