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I thought I would do a Beauty Pie Makeup review for you. As you all know, I am a big fan of Beauty Pie – find out why here. Essentially, I love that they are trying to be as green as possible and taking a lot of the costs out of the beauty industry – making great makeup and skincare accessible to more people. I have also been trying out some of their make up products.


First up is their gel eyeliner. This is a hero product for me in my pro kit. I think that this is as good as the Bobby Brown gel eyeliner (find out about my other favourite dupes for this here) it glides on easily and is smudge and tear proof. Using a gel eyeliner takes a little bit of practice, but I think that they are a great happy medium between liquid eyeliner and eye pencils.

I like to have a really black black gel eyeliner and also a nice warm brown in my kit (both professional and personal) as sometimes black can look quite harsh on my extremely fair skin, so for day-to-day the brown can be more flattering. However I cannot do without lashings of mascara!

Beauty Pie Makeup Review | Oxford Makeup Artist Beauty Pie  Gel Eyeliner and Cream Eyeshadow


With that in mind, my second recommendation is the Beauty Pie eyelash primer. I like to use this with the Beauty Pie Uber Curl mascara. Even with a quick flash of both the primer and then the mascara, I get really full and long lashes. This is a invaluable when you are pressed for time. I think that the beauty of using a primer is that you don’t have to spend ages building up your lashes using mascara which can often go clumpy and thick and horrible! I’m a big fan of this and it’s definitely worth popping in your basket if you are doing a Beauty Pie order..

Beauty Pie Makeup Review | Oxford Makeup Artist Beauty Pie Mascara and Eyelash Primer


My third recommendation is the Beauty Pie cream stick eyeshadows. I like to use these as a base for other powder eyeshadow make up. These are really great at giving good coverage all over the eyelid and up towards the brow bone/eyebrow. I think that it really helps to have this coverage when you are doing special occasion make up as it means that any shadows or little veins are covered before you start applying your eyeshadow. I also think that they’re really great to use on a no make up make up day as they help to give the impression that you have “perfect skin“ due to the absence of shadows and veins.

Beauty Pie Makeup Review | Oxford Makeup Artist Beauty Pie  Gel Eyeliner and Cream Eyeshadow     My favourite colours from the Beauty Pie make up range are Vanilla Whirl and Pink Velvet. I tend to use Vanilla Whirl on warm skin tones and Pink Velvet on cooler skin tones but to certain extent it is personal preference and also depends on the eyeshadow which you will be applying. Similarly, I personally like the matte colours but the shimmer ones are also gorgeous. 


I am also a big fan of the Beauty Pie Good Lighting pallette it’s got some great colours in it and certainly gives my favourite marbled blushes and highlights from Hourglass a run for their money. I really like how this has a range of colours within it. Don’t be afraid of the purple toned colour, it is fantastic blended in with the more traditional pink raspberry shade.

Beauty Pie Makeup Review | Oxford Makeup Artist Beauty Pie Good Lighting Palette


Finally I am in love with the Beauty Pie eyeshadow palettes. The range of colours within it are brilliant and the colour payoff is amazing! When makeup artists talk about colour payoff, they are referring to how pigmented the product is. By this, we mean how much product you need to apply in order to get a good wash of colour on the skin. Many High Street brands have extremely poor colour pay off as, though they may look great in the pan, there is not much colour pigmentation within the product so you need to apply huge amounts of it to get anywhere close to the colour on the skin. This is absolutely not an issue with the Beauty Pie palettes. 

I hope that you’ve had your find this Beauty Pie makeup review helpful. If there are any other products in the range that you want to try but of which you want an honest review, please do get in touch! 

Beauty Pie Makeup Review | Oxford Makeup Artist Beauty Pie Eyeshadow Palette


If you fancy trying some of the Japanfusion range or other Beauty Pie products, you can add the code MAXINE_WILSON at checkout for an extra £50 spending budget for both of us. This is not a sponsored post – I just really like the range and thought you might too!