Christmas Party Makeup Tips

Ah, Christmas Party Makeup! An opportunity to go all out with glitter and sparkle, right? Well, maybe if you’re that way inclined – I love sparkly things as much as the next girl, but I prefer to keep things a little more subtle for my Christmas Party Makeup as its a fine line between looking festive and looking like a bauble…

Lets face it, most of us are going to go from the Christmas party from work. It makes sense to switch up your daytime makeup with some different makeup for the evening, without taking it all off and starting again! Here are my Christmas Party Makeup Tips!


It’s got to be red, right?

Lots of women are a bit freaked out by red lips, but there really is a red out there for everyone! My favourites in my kit are Mac Ruby Woo and Lady Danger. If you’re not sure whether red is for you, why not start with a gloss to give a hint of red, without going the whole way? There are loads on the high street to try before committing to a branded one.

Christmas Party Makeup - Maxine Wilson

If you’re going to go red, please use a lip pencil! It will be much easier to get that crisp edge that makes a red lip so special (and without it, it will look messy) and give your lips longevity too. High street lip pencils are usually pretty good, one of my favourites is Max Factor Red Rush, the colour of which hasn’t changed since he applied it to all the Hollywood starlets in the 1950s! Fill in the whole of the lip, not just the edge to avoid looking like you’re from the 1980s by the end of the night.

I love that you can apply a red lip with your day to day makeup and it will just make it look amazing, so its a great Christmas Party Makeup switch up for after work.



One of the quickest ways to make your day to day makeup into something appropriate for the Christmas Party is to make it into a smokey eye. Chubby, blendable eye pencils are brilliant for this. I love these ones from Charlotte Tilbury, which come in different colours to make your eyes pop! You can apply them over your existing eye makeup, blend them in and be party ready in no time! Dont forget I have a Charlotte tilbury Discount Code.

And of course, apply lashings of black mascara! I am often asked which mascaras I like, and the truth is, I’ve yet to find an ‘expensive’ branded one which I think is any better than the high street ones. I tend to go with whatever Max Factor or L’Oreal one is on offer when I need a new one! However, I do like a proper brush on mine as I feel that it helps grab all the lashes, whereas a plastic wand doesn’t. Thats personal preference of course though!

Have fun at your Party! I hope these Christmas Party Makeup tips have helped. If you’d like to learn more about makeup, then I offer two hour bespoke lessons at my studio in Oxfordshire, click here to find our more!