Cranford Hall Hair and Makeup for Sian

It was a pleasure to provide Cranford Hall Hair and Makeup for my lovely bride Sian for her summer 2019 wedding. I say summer, but the biggest thing that sticks out in my mind from her wedding is the absolutely torrential rain! Sian and her bridesmaids were getting married getting ready at an Airbnb near to the venue and it was here that the bridal prep took place. I just remember it getting darker and darker rather than lighter and lighter as I drove to the Airbnb. However, a wet knot never comes untied! Rain is not a Cranford Hall hair and makeup artist’s friend but I was confident in how to ensure that the hair and makeup stayed all day. 

Like many of my brides, and me, Sian met her husband at university.  They got engaged in Italy. Sian and James had been living in Ireland prior to their wedding. Along with the stress of planning their wedding, they also had to deal with the stress of moving back to England as James is professional rugby player. Sian came for her trial in a couple of weeks before their wedding. It was a pleasure to put her mind at rest about her Cranford Hall hair and makeup.

Cranford Hall Wedding Hair Stylist

Sian has naturally very thick and long hair. I was delighted when she told me that her preferred hair style was a modern Hollywood wave. I think this is a completely timeless style. It can be done in a very classic away with a lot of height at the front and the waves teased out to be quite voluminous. However Sian I felt that a much slicker version would suit her dress and also her petite frame. As her hair was so long and full we didn’t need any extensions. 

Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves are one of my very favourite hairstyles and also the one that I picked for my own wedding back in 2015. They are very adaptable to suit different face shapes and also sit beautifully beneath a veil. Due to the aforementioned rain I made sure that I prepped Sian’s hair incredibly well. I wanted to ensure that the waves stayed in all day without dropping. I was delighted to hear that the waves stayed perfectly all day! 

Their photographer, Hannah Hall, captured absolutely sensational shots of both Sian and James and their party. Hannah shot my sister’s wedding. She has an incredible knack of capturing the emotion and joy of the day in a totally non saccharine way. She’s also an absolutely wonderful and hilarious person to have with you on the day of your wedding. Scroll down for the link to her blog about their wedding.

Cranford Hall Hair and Makeup for Sian

Cranford Hall Bridal Makeup Artist

For Sian’s at Cranford Hall hair and makeup, we wanted to keep things quite simple. Sian told me that she doesn’t wear a huge amount of make up day today. She wanted to look natural but still “done“. We discussed making sure that her features were defined by her wedding make up.

Sian was also keen to make the most of her beautiful deep brown eyes, as she is of Anglo Chinese origin. Many of her bridesmaids were from all across the world and included her Chinese cousins. It is always a pleasure to make up a broad range of skintones and create a cohesive look across the bridal party. I pride myself on being able to work on all skin tones and face structures. No need to bring your own foundation here!

Cranford Hall Hair and Makeup for Sian

Other details

 Sian had some sensational ideas for her hair and make up and her overall wedding look. Her dress was quite simply incredible. She had initially wanted something quite simple. Once she tried on this dress with it fabulous beaded fringing down the back, she was sold! Her dress was designed by St Patrick Bridal and was bought from Thistles, Galway. I see a lot of dresses, but Sian is really sticks in my mind as being so unusual. It was perfectly fitted to her petite frame.

Sian also wore some fabulous celestial Jennifer Behr Earrings which complimented her Hollywood waves hairstyle beautifully. Sian and James wanted a very simple, mostly white colour scheme for their wedding and the florals from Becky at Florae Foray were sensational. 

If you’re planning a wedding and looking for a Cranford Hall Hair and Makeup Artist, I would love to hear from you. 

You can see more of Sian’s Cranford Hall hair and makeup at Hannah Hall’s blog